O u t r e a c h

I am an active member and the Equality Officer of the Postdoc Association at the University of Geneva. Our Association organises scientific and social events for postdocs and works towards supporting the careers and lives of postdocs at UNIGE. You can find more information about what we do on our website. We are currently organising the second Postdoc Day to take place at UNIGE on the 6th of June 2019. You can find more info here

I recently organised a school visit at UNIGE to show high-school students around our facilities and give them a taste of how maths and physics can help us understand biology.  Thank you to Alicia, Dimitris and Rita in the lab for helping out! You can have a look through some photos from the day below. I am keen to continue organising such activities so if you are an educator  or student interested in learning more about what we do in Marcos' lab, drop me a line